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The team at Great Canadian Fishing Adventures would like to help our customers enjoy the beautiful outdoors of British Columbia. Irrespective of your experience level, we have packages that cater to every skill level. From families with small children to experienced Anglers, we look forward to helping you experience an outdoor adventure that is best suited for your needs. 

For those looking for a Fishing package, please check out the getting started page. We have information about the laws, the licenses needed and other important things that we feel you need to know before getting on the trip. 

For those looking for a fun-filled day in the waters, We have packages that include, boat pick up / drop off, taking you around the various scenic routes, a drop off on a secluded beach with access to a portable Barbeque, and a trip that is customized to your needs.

Check out our online pricing pages, and book online via out appointments page so that we can contact you and build a package that best suites your needs.


Fishing In BC

What You Get


You are welcome to bring your own fishing gears. However, we do provide all the equipment needed and all safety equipment as required by law. Basically, all you need to do is to show up and we take care of the rest.

Guides: Our guides are all pro fly fishing anglers

Our Lead Guide – John has over 30 years of experience fishing on the Fraser Waters and is an expert on the waters. He knows all the great “spots” where the Fish are, and will work hard to ensure that you have a great day on the waters.

BOAT: SAFE & SECURE Experience

Our boat can carry 8 people and has an all metal hull. We have a hard covered indoor area which can be heated and will protect you from the elements.

We have all the safety equipment like life jackets, and all other necessary equipment like portable BBQ’s, chairs and Folding Tables so that you have an great time while you are with us.


I went to Canada in Sep/2016 and fished with John 3 times. What can i say other than his experience & knowledge made for me this the trip of a life time. My second cast on the Fraser was an 18lb Chub on the fly, this was followed by 5 different types of fish between us for the day. Next day was Sturgen and my 1st fish of the day broke my target i had set of 100lb for the trip it was 190lb & 6′ 6″ long. My mate followed this up with a 250lb 7′ 6″.
All I can say is if you are going fishing and need a guide don’t look any further then John guidance.



I know John for over 20 years, he him self have been fishing on Fraser river for over 28 years. Together, we experienced great moments on the water. Without John, it would not have been able to catch so many beautiful fish. It was always a memorable time. Thank you.



I first got introduced to John through a good friend who lives in BC. What started out as a “boys mini vacation ” has turned into one of the best annual get together. John has successfully year upon year introduced us to some of the biggest sturgeon possible , mid summer to late fall he knows were to go ! We have been up the canyon for some spectacular vistas and sizeable sturgeon as well as the “working ” part of the river. The salmon trips we have been on were nothing less than incredible . My arm was ready to fall off by the end of the fishing day.
Our trips have evolved to include my friends. John has always been an excellent host and valued teacher of any new area or species. This is a high value event that should not be missed , I look forward to this trip every year!