Frequently Asked Questions


Whatever is convenient to you. We use Square for Credit Card Payments on the site, If you are from BC, we can use Interac – Etransfers out of town clients can use Pay-Pal for online transactions. Or Cash.


Most customers opt to meet at boat lunches which are close to the area where they want to fish. However, if you are a visitor to British Columbia and do not have your own transportation we can arrange to pick up and drop off.


The right line to use depends on what kind of fish you are after and where you are fishing. Fishing line is referred to by pound-test the strength of the line. A number of factors go into determining the right line and pound-test to use.

They are basically the same thing. A bobber is a round floating device used to keep your bait at the depth you want and to alert you when a fish is biting. Floats are shaped differently and more sensitive than round bobbers.

A fishing rig is the way you tie together your bait or lure, hook and other tackle to your fishing line in order to attract fish. Rigs are used for specific types of fishing.

Natural fishing bait includes attractants like minnows, cut bait, leeches, mealworms and insects real, natural stuff that fish like to eat. If your bait is not natural, it is a lure, which is a manufactured replica of natural bait or material designed to look and move like things that fish like to eat.


The basics include a rod, reel, line, hook, and bait or lure that are matched to the type of fish you are after. Generally, spin-casting equipment is easier for beginners than bait-casting equipment. You will also want a tackle box with various hooks, baits, lures and other tackle

You are welcome to bring your own fishing gears. However, we do provide all equipment needed and all safety equipment as required by law. Basically, all you need to do is to show up and we take care of the rest.

We own 22′ Motion Marine jet boat equipped with 240 HP Mercury engine and hard top heated cabin. This is a very safe state of the art boat specifically built for river fishing.