Eagle Tours


Only 90 minutes east of Vancouver in the Fraser Valley, the pretty town of Harrison Mills is home to the largest gathering of wintering eagles in the world. Learn more about these creatures during the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival, which takes place annually in the third weekend of November.

The valley hosts over 250 pairs of nesting bald eagles and thousands more migrate here over the winter. Look for them from mid-October to late January. We offer boat tours that get you close to the salmon-spawning action.

Our Experienced guides know where the Eagles probably are and will take you there so you can see these magnificent birds. Keep your cameras and telephoto lenses ready, so you can get that perfect shot.

Our boat can carry 8 people and has an all-metal hull. We have a hard covered indoor area which can be heated and will protect you from the elements.

We have all the safety equipment like life jackets, and all other necessary equipment like portable BBQ’s, chairs and Folding Tables so that you have a great time while you are with us.

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